AI-Tek Magnetic Speed Sensors

Magnetic Speed Sensors

Looking for high quality and dependable magnetic speed sensors? Purchase AI-Tek Magnetic Speed Sensors for Quality and Dependability

AI-Tek Instruments (formerly Airpax ®)is a well respected company and has been supplying magnetic speed sensors for over fifty years to the industrial, machine tool, petrochemical and aerospace industries.

AI-Tek manufactures a complete line of magnetic speed sensors including Passive, Hall Effect, Bi-Directional, and Side Look speed sensors.

Choosing a speed sensor can be a daunting task unless you are replacing a speed sensor that you know the exact part number. Here is a check list of items your should consider before purchasing the magnetic speed sensor for your application:

  1. Choose either Passive or Active (Hall Effect) type Magnetic Speed Sensor - this depends on the application If the top RPM is under 100 RPM then use a Hall Effect Sensor as this sensor's output is independent of sensing gear speed or shaft rotation speed.
  2. Check the input voltage requirements of the instrument or module that will receive the electrical pulse signal from the sensor. The electrical signal at the receiving instrument must be greater than the minimum +1 logic state. When the voltage pulse exceeds the +1 logic state, the instrument (tachometer) will count the pulse. Choose a magnetic speed sensor that has the correct output voltage for your receiving instrument or tachometer.
  3. Choose Thread Size and Length - this is important if the speed sensor is mounting in an engine block. Measure the distance from the jam (locking nut) to the face of the rotating gear or shaft)
  4. Choose the classification - do you need FM or UL approval for hazardous areas?
  5. Choose the application - General Purpose, High Sensitivity, Power -
  6. Pick the type of connector.
  7. Choose the Mounting Bracket and Sensing Gear ( if required)
  8. Choose the Tachometer (Note - all AI-Tek Process Tachometers feature the correct input voltage specifications for all passive and Hall Effect magnetic speed sensors.
  9. Need Assistance? Call Rick Huss or Pierre Grimes - Engineering Consultant - 248-624-1990

State of the art Magnetic Speed Sensors with Technical Support and Fast Delivery are available from Automatic Controls.

Zero Speed, Digital Signal, Standard or Custom Design, UL/CSA Listed for Hazardous Environment.

Process Tachometers

Process Tachometers by AI-Tek

AI-Tek Process Tachometers... Order on Line from Automatic Controls Co - Fast Delivery - Huge Inventory.

AI-Tek Process Tachometers and Magnetic Speed Sensors(formerly Airpax ®) offer fast response and high-precision for monitoring and protection of expensive rotating equipment. Field programming allows easy installation and upgrading, while minimizing part number variations. Options include 0-20mAdc, 4-20mAdc, -20 to 0 to +20mAdc output, 5-digit display, RS485, 2 solid state relays, 2 mechanical relays, with standard, NEMA 4x or explosion proof enclosures.

The Technical Sales Staff at Automatic Controls is sensitive to your needs and is dedicated to to make sure you get the AI-Tek Magnetic Speed Sensor that fits your application. We have at our disposal AI-TEK Instrument personal that have a breadth of speed sensor knowledge unparalleled in the industry. Give us a call today. We are ready to put AI-TEK Instruments quality commitment to work for you in your speed measuring application.